Custom Wholesale Candles for Wineries, Breweries, or Distilleries

The perfect way to recycle the empty bottles used in your tasting room. 
Here's how it works:

1. We offer complimentary empty bottle pick up & candle delivery to most of the Texas Hill Country area.

2. We bring the bottles to our workshop where we use an ancient roman process to cut the bottles.

3. We sand & polish the cut edges to create a clean, smooth surface, no rough edges.

4. We then fill each bottle with 100% SOY WAX and a NATURAL ALL cotton wick.

5. We lightly scent each candle with a scent we call "Southern Charm". Our scent is very fresh & light so as not to interfere too much with food & wine/ beer/ spirits tasting (we also offer the option of picking your own scent or creating unscented candles).

6. We use no unnecessary packaging! We deliver the candles back to you in your case boxes. 

Our candles are all made by hand with care, eco-friendly, one of the fastest ways for your tasting room to GO GREEN & the perfect marketing product!

Contact us for wholesale pricing information and to see a sample of what your custom bottle candles could look like.